A Trip to Japan…

Japan—a beautiful city filled with seafood and authentic ramen, talking toilets, and the best stationery.

My trip to Japan has not happened just yet. Give me a few more years and a passport, but it is definitely on my bucket list. Though I fancy not only their food and anime, I have grown to love their stationery products. Growing up, I bought the highlighters, pencils, and markers at Walmart where the big brands like Bic and Sharpie overlooks the rest of the stationery options. At the time, I never really cared about what I was using at school. As long as they did the job, it was alright with me. I remember my two aunts would buy a lot of cute stationery from their trips to Asia or at the Tamagotchi Store (which can be found in the Mall of America and many other places) and gave them to my sisters and I as gifts for Christmas or birthdays. I loved those little gifts.

From then on little by little, I researched more on stationery and found more information on the popular products strolling along the stationery community. Japan was considered the stationery base. Not only are the products are cute, but they are great quality (but I cannot say that about everything). They established many great brands with many great products. Thanks to online shopping, I have purchased several different brands and products from Japanese companies. Also, from Kimberly’s “Japanese Stationery Guide: Why Everyone Loves It and Which Brands to Try” , there are several insights of the many different brands of stationery that might interest you. One brand that the author mentions is Kunisawa. It is a relatively new brand that has opened up 2017. The high-class paper quality is used in Japan only for water-colored notebooks, letter sets, etc.

There are several places to find and get your stationery, and if you are not living in Japan, it might be harder and more expensive to reach those products. However, there are some places where you could buy some great stationery products. From looking around target’s office supplies, I found the magnificent pack of zebra milliners. If you have not heard of mildliners, they are highlighters with dual tips. Though they sound just like regular highlighters, they come in interesting colors (which some, like the darker colors,  may not be suitable for actually highlighting). For a pack of fifteen, they are about fifteen dollars. They are totally worth trying, and you can always find a smaller pack if you do not want to buy the fifteen.

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