What is Bujo? It’s short for bullet journal! Then, what is a bullet Journal?

From Kim’s “Thorough Guide to the Bullet Journal System”, you can start your very own bullet journal!  A bullet journal is a analog system created by a designer in New York named Ryder Carroll. It is meant “to help track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future.” It can keep track of anything you like to write down. Primarily, it is used like a planner, but with more space for your own twist and creativeness.

I have used a bullet journal in the past, and I definitely love it. It just takes some time to come up with the spreads/layouts. It can be a simple layout, but I like making mine a little extra. It’s a convenient way to hold important information and goals into one notebook that you can bring along to any place. Let’s begin our bullet journal!

First, what is your motivation? Kim mentions that it’s important to know what the purpose of the bullet journal will be for you before diving in. Take some time to plan before starting it.

Next, buy or get some tools. There is no need to go out and buy all these fancy pens, stickers, etc, but you sure can if you’re up for it. You simply need a notebook, a pencil or pen (though pen will be better to see), some color (if that’s the theme you are looking for), an eraser for mistakes, and inspiration. Feel free to purchase more stationery items over time. There are several options for picking your journal. I simply picked one out from Walmart, but you can visit Kim’s article and find a list of journal recommendations! And there are several types of pens that you could use for the journal (I use a variety of pens—Muji, Pilot Juice, Uni-ball Signo DX UM-151, and Pilot G-2). Again check out Kim’s page for more details and information! If you are not sure about this bullet journal idea, you can always start with the pen and notebook you have on hand, and if you like it, try out some new products.

Once you have your pen and notebook, start!

I can’t tell you how to do your bullet journal, but I sure can, with the help of Kim’s blog, get the creative juices flowing. There is a lot of preparation that comes into play. Start your bullet journal with an index and numbering your pages. I personally do not do that, but it might come in handy for the future. The index will help organize entries into your bullet journal. Next are the collections you have in your bujo. Every entry in your bujo is by definition a collection, regardless of what it looks like. There are three main collections—future log, monthly log, and daily log. Simply future log is like your year overview with planned events and goals, monthly log is your month overview, and daily log is your week and day to day events, to-dos, etc. There are numerous ways to set up the layouts for the basic three collections. There are other collections that you can check out over at Kim’s like lists (grocery, music, movies, books), goal setting, year in pixels, diary entries etc.

Now, you have the basics of starting a bullet journal. Give it a go!

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