About Me


For starters, my name is Shinny. I am 16 and currently a part-time PSEO student. I am not involved with any sports, though I enjoy biking, and I am part of a few clubs at my local high school(Key Club, HOPE Club, Honor Society). Like most people, I enjoy music, food, and sleep. I also like to journal. I even started bullet journaling(maybe I’ll post more about in depth later in the future). In brief, it’s a do-it-yourself planner.

Currently I do not have any pets, but I used to have a poodle mix puppy and some betta fish throughout my childhood. As time passed, all my fish died, and my family and I gave away our puppy. From those experiences, my parents do not want to take anymore pets into the household. However, when I finally move out, I’m going to adopt many pets. Moving onward, my family consists of three brothers and two sisters. You could consider me as the middle child. We all have our similarities and differences.

When I get out of high school, I plan to continue my college career elsewhere(sorry RCTC!). Somewhere conveniently close to my parents but also a university that is still far from them. I am looking at colleges up in the Twin Cities. I am leading towards a smaller school because I am naturally a quiet and shy person. I plan to major in Biology, Pre-Med, or Biochemistry. I am striving to become an anesthesiologist or a surgeon. I have a long path to follow.

Anyhow, here’s a little message from me to you!

I am part of our local Youth Commission. We meet on the first Wednesday of every month(September through May) from 16:45 to 18:00 in the Government Center. We have guest speakers every meeting and discuss about the problems/issues around our local community. From there, we try to make opportunities to change and help out around the community. We participate in several events including tree planting, Indian Heights, Friendship Place, and many more. If you are interested, please and come! We welcome everyone! Snacks/food is provided! It is a great way to obtain more information on what is currently happening around town and a fantastic opportunity to make our community better! If you want more information, you can contact me or click on Youth Commission to head over to their website.

Also, MN state elections are taking place this year! If you are 18 and over, I encourage you to come on November 6, 2018 to vote! There will be several sites in the county which you can come and vote. You can register on the day of election(at your assigned precinct polling place) or you can pre-register over on the MN Secretary of State’s website. If you have any questions, you can call the Olmsted County Elections Office at 507-328-7650.

Thank you! Tune in for next time!


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