“How to Read Like a Writer” & “…and by islands, I mean paragraphs” Reflection

After reading “How to Read Like a Writer” by Mike Bunn, I learned more insight of writing from both the author’s and reader’s view. I got to understand about the different perspectives and learn how enhance my understanding as both a writer and reader. Though I am still in high school and doing some college classes, I can see a definite difference between this English class and my classes in the past. Each class has its pros and cons, but getting a chance to discuss and read a higher level thinking is a step up from high school. Though my past English classes focused on analyzing in books (The Greats Gatsby, To KIll A Mockingbird, etc. ), we were never really taught more than that. That’s all we did. From reading Bunn’s work, I got to read a branching and more in depth way of understanding the author and the reader.

Originally, I was going to write a little creative fictional story and then write a paragraph or two about the methods I tried to incorporate in my writing from the process and advice in the article I read. But I am writing this instead…. way past the deadline (and I am sorry for the slow updates>.<). I am just trying to figure out everything that is happening in my life and it sucks to be juggling so many things at once. Going back on topic, I wondered why we had two very different readings to look at. One reading was straight forward and the other reading, “and by islands, I mean paragraphs” by J.R. Carpenter, was hard to grasp the meaning, especially if each short writing piece would change into something new every five to ten seconds (which was annoying but interesting in why the author choose to do it). It made me think why we were assigned this simple but creative piece of writing to look at. What does this writing have to do with anything? Then, I thought maybe it was connected with Bunn’s writing. Though I am still in the process of figuring out the island reading (which by in a few hours from now I am probably not going to try to figure it out anymore), I figured maybe we have to look at this writing in the way of a writer from taking the information we learned from the previous reading by Bunn. I tried to lowkey google more information about this particular reading (because it is good to have a bit of background knowledge), but at least for me, I did not get much out of searching. There was not much information about it (but at the same time I was not looking hard enough for any background information). I guess it must not have a specific answer. The way we perceive and try to reveal the writing is probably the closest key we will ever get for understanding the islands, even if it means there will be no correct answer or understanding.

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