“Annoying Ways People Use Sources” Reflection

I never realized how early we were taught about sourcing and citing the information we used on pretty much anything. I remember it started as early as elementary school. There was this huge history research project that we all had to do in the fifth grade. My research topic was the one and only George Washington. It was exciting at the time, but I realized I did not know exactly what I was doing at the time. Maybe I forgotten my memory but I just remember filling in this “formula” to get the citations. They talked about plagiarism and sourcing, but I definitely made a lot of mistakes when I was writing that paper back in the fifth grade. Though Kyle D. Stedman’s “Annoying Ways People Use Sources” emphasized integrating sources into the actual writing, in fifth grade, we did not focus on that. We looked at citing the sources and building the works cited page. In middle school, it changed slightly. We were taught on the many ways that we could integrate quotations into our papers. I remember my paper in eighth grade. It was an analysis paper on a short story we had read (by Edgar Allen Poe). I remember adding a quotation at the very beginning of the paper. I did not even site it properly. I just put the link in parentheses after I ended the quote. Looking back, I had a long ways to go. I still did no know much at the beginning of the year. However, as the year progressed, I learned several things from my teacher. Now, in this class, I keep learning on how important it is to include sources and evidence from different but reliable sources. Sometimes I still think in how do we integrate sources in a more creative piece. Maybe referencing some sources related to the topic or theme? In class we discussed about why we add in sources but I do not know if we covered writings that are not from the obvious (like informational, persuasive, etc). Through the long journey of citations and sources, there is more to learn.

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