Beginning Once Again

Hello! From now on, this blog will primarily focus on the “study/school” world (there will be some exceptions but hopefully its limited). There’s gonna be tips and tricks, informational things, and hopefully inspiration and encouragement. For the new followers or wanderers of the internet, I do have a little post about myself, so if you wish to know who owns this account/posts go check the About Me post. Let’s get started!

There may be several questions on why and how I want to set up this blog to be well focused on the studying and stationery world… and there may be no care about how this goes :/

But I will continue on…

For the past years, I had always planned on being an anesthesiologist. I knew I would go to college (and hopefully finish in two or three years because of PSEO credits) and then go to medical school. I always knew that I wanted to be in the medical field in anyway, especially at Mayo Clinic. However, being sixteen and indecisive, I changed from that mindset. For many reasons, I want to become a teacher. At first (like a month ago), it was kinda a joke for me. But now, I seem to really like that idea with good intentions. When school started, it became a big snowball coming down and destroying anything that comes with thin its path—and it took me with it. In a way, it opened my eyes. It made me realize that I want to support and inspire teenagers going through not only school work but with anything else in their life. So, by focusing on more academic or stationery topics, I can practice and experience some “teaching” skills. Though it may sound lame, I enjoy the topics of pens, studying ways, and overall learning.

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